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Cables from the brand perivox have been among the absolute top multimedia cables worldwide for decades.


Our philosophy includes both direct customer contact and the unique quality of our products, which harmoniously combine transparent sound and naturalness with a simple, elegant design.

Product Categories

Instrument cables

Connecting the musical instrument to the amplifier

Microphone cables

These cables are used in sound engineering and music production to connect a microphone to a mixer or other audio devices

DMX audio cables

For the transmission of digital signals in event or lighting technology

Data Cables

A connecting cable is used in information technology to connect the transmitter and receiver

Speaker cables

Connect the speaker connections of an audio amplifier to the connections of a speaker box

Multicore Cables – Analog

Multicore cables connect stage boxes with mixing consoles and are mainly used in event technology

Multicore cables – digital

Digital multicore cables are high-performance cables and ensure loss-free transmission of audio signals

Combination Сables

The combination of different individual cables in one cable opens up special application possibilities

Video cables

Video cables are used to transmit signals from a video device source to a display device

Coaxial cables

Coaxial cables are mainly used in telecommunications and in the transmission of high-frequency signals

Signal cables

Special cables are used to transmit electronic signals between different components or devices

Power cables

Load cables are used in the stage area to supply the lighting with voltage

Triax cables

Triaxial cables are used specifically in the broadcast sector to transmit signals and supply power to the camera

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