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Multicore cable, digital


Multicore cable, digital / FRNC
perivox RW-CH 4x 2x 0.14mm² peribleu

article number: PV174304508

perivox® multicore cables represent a high-quality solution for digital signal transmission in demanding environments. This special variant is made from FRNC (flame-retardant non-corrosive) materials, which makes them particularly suitable for applications where fire protection regulations must be adhered to. The digital design of the perivox® multicore cable ensures precise and reliable transmission of digital signals. Whether in audio production or in other areas that rely on error-free signal transmission. The multicore design allows multiple signals to be transmitted simultaneously over a single cable, simplifying installation and saving space. Thanks to the high-quality construction and digital technology, signal quality and integrity are reliably guaranteed without any interference or loss of quality. The use of FRNC materials is an important safety aspect of this cable. In the event of fire exposure to the FRNC cable, minimal amounts of smoke and gases are produced, improving personal safety and the integrity of the environment.



  • flame-retardant
  • halogen-free
  • high-quality digital signal transmission
Artikelnummer PV174304508
Artikelbeschreibung perivox RW-CH 4x 2x 0.14mm² peribleu
Querschnitt 0.14 mm²
Aderzahl 8
Aderisolation pericel®
Mantelisolation perimer®
Mantelfarbe peribleu

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Array ( ) Artikelnummer PV342060903

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