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soft jacket, 2x0,22mm²


DMX-/Audio cable, digital / soft jacket, 2x0.22mm²
perivox M-WY 2x 0.22mm² grey

article number: PV181303777

The perivox® digital DMX/audio cables with a soft perivin® jacket offer an ideal solution for professional lighting and audio applications that require high flexibility and user-friendliness. The soft jacket of the cables makes them particularly comfortable to handle and allows for easy installation, even in narrow or inaccessible areas. Despite their soft jacket, the cables are robust and durable for the transmission of DMX and audio signals. The perivox® soft jacket digital DMX/Audio cables are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications including live performances, studios, theaters, clubs and other professional venues.



  • pleasant feel thanks to the soft perivin® jacket
  • high flexibility
  • versatile application options
Artikelnummer PV181303777
Artikelbeschreibung perivox M-WY 2x 0.22mm² grey
Querschnitt 0.22 mm²
Aderzahl 2
Aderisolation pericel®
Mantelisolation perivin®
Mantelfarbe grey

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Array ( ) Artikelnummer PV342060903

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