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flexible, 2x0,22mm²


DMX-/Audio cable, digital / flexible, 2x0.22mm²
perivox RF-Y 2x 0.22mm² black

article number: PV186301000

The perivox® digital DMX/audio cables with a perivin® jacket offer an ideal solution for professional lighting and audio applications that require high flexibility and user-friendliness. The cable’s slim design makes it particularly comfortable to use and allows for easy, space-saving installation, even in narrow or inaccessible areas. The perivox® digital DMX/audio cables are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, including permanent installations in studios or theaters.



  • small space consumption
  • easy to use
  • slim design
Artikelnummer PV186301000
Artikelbeschreibung perivox RF-Y 2x 0.22mm² black
Querschnitt 0.22 mm²
Aderzahl 2
Aderisolation pericel®
Mantelisolation perivin®
Mantelfarbe black

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Array ( ) Artikelnummer PV342060903

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