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Hybrid cable / Video + Power + Signal
perivox KOMB 2-3-10 black

article number: PV213103000

The perivox® shielded combination cable Video + Power + Signal is a versatile solution for connecting video surveillance devices that require video transmission, power supply and control signal transmission at the same time. With this innovative combination cable, video surveillance systems can be operated quickly and efficiently as only a single cable needs to be installed. This significantly shortens assembly time and minimizes installation effort, as multiple installations are not necessary. This is particularly advantageous for permanent installations in public buildings. A striking feature of this combination cable is its small design and small dimensions and is therefore space-saving and particularly suitable for applications with limited space. The use of halogen-free materials is an important safety aspect of this cable. In the event of fire exposure to the combination cable, only minimal amounts of smoke and gases are produced, improving personal safety and the integrity of the environment.



  • halogen-free
  • flame-retardant
  • diverse functions
  • efficient installation
  • space-saving
  • flexibility
  • overall shielding
Artikelnummer PV213103000
Artikelbeschreibung perivox KOMB 2-3-10 black
Querschnitt 1.5 mm²
Mantelisolation perimer®
Mantelfarbe black

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Array ( ) Artikelnummer PV342060903

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