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Triax cable / mobile, robust jacket
perivox Triax 9 PUR 4.7/9.0 red

article number: PV310903333

The perivox® triax cable is a high-quality solution for the transmission of image signals in various areas of application. The triax cable has a robust peripur jacket, which is designed for a long service life and protects against external influences and mechanical stress, thus offering high durability. It is made of other high-quality materials, such as pericel®, to ensure reliable signal transmission. This cable was specially developed for mobile use and offers pleasant flexibility. It is lightweight and easy to handle, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.



  • high durability and abrasion resistance thanks to the robust peripur® jacket
  • specially developed for mobile use
  • high-quality materials
  • high mobility
Artikelnummer PV310903333
Artikelbeschreibung perivox Triax 9 PUR 4.7/9.0 red
Querschnitt 20 AWG
Aderzahl 1
Aderisolation pericel®
Mantelisolation peripur®
Mantelfarbe red

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Array ( ) Artikelnummer PV342060903

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