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Loudspeaker cable / flexible, flat
perivox LSZ 2x 4.00mm² transp./transp.-red

article number: PV349505903

perivox®’s highly flexible and flat speaker cables are an excellent choice for audio enthusiasts. The high flexibility of these cables allows for easy handling and installation as they can be easily routed around corners and through narrow openings without losing performance or quality. The flat design of these speaker cables ensures unobtrusive placement as they are minimally bulky and integrate well into the room. Despite their slim design, these exclusive perivox® cables offer reliable transmission of audio signals and pristine sound.



  • good separability
  • fine-stranded conductor
Artikelnummer PV349505903
Artikelbeschreibung perivox LSZ 2x 4.00mm² transp./transp.-red
Querschnitt 4 mm²
Aderzahl 2
Mantelisolation perivin®
Mantelfarbe transparent. red colour stripe on one side

all technical details listed down

Array ( ) Artikelnummer PV342060903

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